San Diego short sale


Monday, January 21, 2008

San Diego Short Sale

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San Diego Short sales

Homes sales have fallen dramatically. Why aren't more short sales being completed? What happens if at the currently listing price you are not short but the offers you are recieving will require you to bring money to the table? Why are seconds starting to hold out for big money?

How many homes has your Realtor sold in the last three months? how many have been short sale? What percentage of his listings are those sums?

This is a critical time. You and your Realtor should not be experimenting. Homes that sell and homes that sell short are being sold because some Realtors have been smart enough to adapt, negotiate and win.

Our firm has referred listings out all over California and Florida. We have seen many short sale programs in action. Very few are designed to do the job propertly. Most are cobbled together from old techniques which no longer work.
Being a nice person and having great customer service does nothing for lenders.

This market calls for very compent, very skilled, very persistent business minded people.

First a California Realtor must design a program to find buyers in a slow market California real estate market. (very few Realtors know how to sell homes right now. Last years techniques are not working. If you"