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Saturday, January 26, 2008

San Diego Short Sale Specialist? short sale Expert? Proof?

San Diego Short Sale Specialist: "Since I am a licensed California Attorney it would probably be unethical for a me to call myself a short sale specialist. Even though my law firm did workouts for upside down homeowners in the the 90s.

However, my Real Estate license apparently enables me to call myself anything I wish to call myself. I could be a luxury home specialist on a Ranch Santa Fe website and a foreclosure or short sale specialist on another website. Of course I would not jeopardize my law license so you don't see me calling myself a short sale specialist."

Our practice has seen the business models of Realtors doing short sales all over San Diego, all over California and many places in Florida.

After you see the short sale programs of the Realtors who actually get their short sales sold and approved by the lenders, you will know that the large majority of Realtors claiming to be short sale experts are fooling themselves.

Some Realtors are very good with the law.
Some are good with people
Some are good with evaluating real estate
Some are persistent with the banks
Some may be good negotiators
Some may be good at doing a CMA or BPO
Some may even be professional enough to protect the homeowners interests

Very few have put together a comprehensive program to get homes old in this market.

Do not list your property with a Realtor who can not show you results. The old marketing strategies do not work. Relationship building does not matter. You need a Realtor with the guts to speak the truth to you about pricing, with a lawyer on the team to protect you from the lender's collection departments and plan to make your short sale package looks so good that the lender is compelled to accept your deal.

In short if your Realtor is pretending to be short sale expert, a short sale specialist, or a loss mitigator ask him how many short sales he has closed in the last 4 months and then ask him if he got the sellers released from a deficiency in writing.

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