San Diego short sale


Friday, November 9, 2007

San Diego short sale specialists

When you search on San Diego short sales - check out the google adwords --

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Now I ask - if you are going to dispose of an asset worth hundreds of thousands of dollars for which you could be held responsible for the the banks losses - or for which you could pay taxes on the the losses. Are the Students of these courses really the type of people you can trust as your San Diego short sale expert?

California has a very complex set of consumer protections, protecting homeowners against lenders and protecting people in "foreclosure" from realtors and investors. Before you sell your house and perhaps change your status from fully protected to fully exposed - speak with an attorney. It does not matter if the attorney is a foreclosure attorney, a real estate attorney, or a bankruptcy attorney. If you get your answers in writing and the attorney has mal practice insurance it will be the best use of your time -- period.