San Diego short sale


Sunday, November 25, 2007

San Diego Short Sale - Notice of Default

Real Estate Blog - San Diego Short Sale - Notice of Default: "And then she sort of asked if the short sale process takes about 4 months in CA. I said that would be about the minimum but I said it looks to me like you send out notices but don't always start the process right away. Which brings up a difficult choice for all owners... Right now countrywide has a deed in lieu track and a separate short sale track. How can anyone (lawyer or Realtor) make that choice for a client. All you can do is give them good info. And some of that info must include the ways they can use the court process to slow down a sale. There are legal ways to slow or perhaps even prevent a foreclosure sale. But you can't wait to the last minute to bring a lawyer on board. Most lawyers will not review a case if they do not have time to come up to speed. Once that NOD shows up, someone who holds themselves out as a fiduciary - has to start making sure the client is properly advised. This whole process is filled with traps. If your seller all of a sudden your seller gets upset and says why wasn't I on the deed in lieu track - how they heck can a Realtor even respond? No response will satisfy a plaintiff's attorney. (actually all your responses but one will please the plaintiff's attorney)."