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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Deficiency - Sold out juniors

Deficiency After Nonjudicial Foreclosure: "Cal. Code Civ. Pro. 580d does not bar a deficiency for a sold out junior (see Walter E. Heller Inc. v. Bloxham, 176 Cal.App.3d 266 (1985)), although, as we have seen, section 580b will bar some sold out juniors from recovery of a deficiency. However, the holder of a junior deed of trust that has sold itself out through non-judicial foreclosure on its senior lien will be barred from a deficiency on the note secured by the junior lien. In Simon v. Superior Court, 4 Cal.App.4th 63 (1992), a bank gave two separate, sequential loans to a debtor. The first loan, for $1,575,000, was secured by a first deed of trust on the debtor's personal residence. The second loan, for $375,000, was secured by a second deed of trust on the same property. Neither loan was purchase money. After default, the bank non-judicially foreclosured the first, credit bidding less than the amount due, and then sued the debtor for $375,000 on the second note. The court barred the bank from recovery on the second note, holding that it amounted to a deficiency barred by 580d."