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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Deficiency After Nonjudicial Foreclosure

Deficiency After Nonjudicial Foreclosure: "Cal. Code Civ. Pro. 580d bars a deficiency following a non-judicial foreclosure. Prior to its enactment in 1940, creditors could obtain a deficiency (unless barred by Cal Code Civ. Pro. 580b) following either judicial or non-judicial foreclosure, but judicial foreclosure was (and still is) subject to redemption for a year following sale and non-judicial foreclosure was (and still is) free of any right of redemption following sale. Enactment of Cal. Code Civ. Pro.580d is therefore said to have created a 'parity of remedies,' allowing the creditor to elect between judicial foreclosure (with a right to a deficiency but subject to a statutory right of redemption) and non-judicial foreclosure (with no right to a deficiency but free of the right of redemption). By barring a deficiency following non-judicial foreclosure, the hope was to discourage underbidding, a result supposedly accomplished for judicial foreclosure sales by the statutory right to redeem, following foreclosure, for the amount bid at the foreclosure."