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Sunday, December 30, 2007

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f you are looking to do a short sale in San Diego or anywhere else in California, I say buyer beware. Do not work with a newly minted short sale specialist. Do now work with a Realtor who claims to loss mitigator or any of the other terms they like to put on their cards, unless they truly have the experience to get the job done. And even then you still have to have a back up plan. Ask your Realtor what you are going to do you don't find a buyer or the lender does not accept your offer. Ask them what percentage of their short sale listings have sold in the last there months.

A short sale is only one part of the pre-foreclosure workout. For reference I put the sponsor searches for California short sale below. The first paid advertiser was in the horizontal space. The next group was on the side and can be seen below.

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